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Thousands of references and 15 seconds to decide: in store innovation clues


en pistas de innovación tiendas

To give visibility to the products at the point of sale, retailers make an effort to create a direct contact with the customer. 79% of innovations are known in the store. Even though online purchases are gaining ground, 82% of purchase decisions continue to be taken in front of the shop shelves, where purchase intention has increased 44%.

In in-Store Media we have analysed the shopper path in the store and its behaviour, as it is a key element when creating new advertising strategies in shopping centres. 92% of shoppers start the purchase process at home, creating a generic products list where the brand they will buy is not yet decided.

Eight out of ten shoppers get to know the innovation in the store. Among these, only 36% are aware of it before entering the store. The shopper stays between 40 minutes and two hours in the point of sale, exposed to more than 15.000 references. Finally he chooses an average of between 10 and 20 products. How long does the shopper take to make the final purchase decision? Only 15 seconds!

In order to guarantee a unique experience to each shopper, advertising strategies bet more and more on innovation! In recent years there has been an increase of interaction channels between the brand and the purchaser and we have to add online and mobile advertisings to the traditional point of sale.

The main guidelines we work on when launching a new support are the improvement of the shopper experience, the lack of interference with the distributor operational activity, the adaptation to retailer directives, a value addition to the image, the advertising impact, to be standardisable and profitable to the retailer and the brands.

An example of the innovation bet in the point of sale is our presence in France where we are executing a unique 100% digital communication in the French market in Auchan centres, by supplying 120 hypermarkets and 70 malls of the group with 3.500 65-inche screens and offering, at the same time, four digital communication solutions: the store entrance, the central aisle, the registers exit and Drive surfaces, reaching more than 7 million customers per week, that will become the first 100% digital path to purchase in the world.

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