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in-Store Media bets on its new ‘in-Store Services’ division

in-Store Media bets on its new ‘in-Store Services’ division

In in-Store Media Group we have decided to bet on the implementation of activation actions on the point of sale with an investment of more than 2 millions euros in our new division in-Store Services.

Through different exclusive agreements with the main distribution channels, with in-Store Services we offer brands a distinguishing model in the management of activations on the point of sale such as sampling and tasting actions or the dramatization of gondola ends and islands. Thus, we offer retailers and brands an improvement in the quality of execution and the optimization of logistical processes.

Thanks to in-Store Services we offer order and product homogenization when presenting it to the final consumer, planning and rationalizing the number of actions carried out in the commercial establishment and improving the positioning and visibility of the brands in the market.

Integrated in our strategic plan, the investment done for the launch of this division will provide 25% of the group growth until 2020, starting to develop this division in countries such as Spain and Poland.