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The new point of sale trends in digital signage


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We attended the event ISE 2017, the annual exhibition that shows the latest trends in the audiovisual market and the IT industry, with the purpose of knowing new technologies and contact new suppliers in order to be able to offer the maximum innovation and quality in digital signage.

Interactive Media, Retail Analytics and the called “stores of the future” are the main innovations applicable to retail world presented in Amsterdam.


Interactivity between the Shopper and the Brands

Interactive advertising (Interactive Media) is one of the trends that allow a new approach of advertisings in the point of sale. “With this kind of advertising we get a greater engagement of the shopper and, thus, the advertiser campaign has a greater impact”.

Some of the main technological supports that allow that interactivity with the purchaser are touch-screens– it allows shopper and brand interaction directly in the shop shelves, this technology exists for a few years now but technical specifications have been improved so now it can be more easily integrated-, interactive mirrors- a new way to make the purchase process easier which is spreading and that allows, for instance, interaction in social networks, changing the colour of clothes or even trying new garments. We can also find other interesting technologies such as virtual reality or Light ID technology- that tries to introduce code in the light that will allow us to see a particular content from the mobile-. “Although some of these new technologies have not yet too much applications in the retail world, they will be gaining ground little by little and thus helping the purchase process to become more entertaining and guided”.


Analysis of the behaviour in the store

On the other hand, there is a very interesting analytics world that in a short time will be essential to function. Retail Analytics trend talks about the “Big Data” capture and the transformation of this data in insights. Retailers use more and more this kind of capacities when making strategic and tactical decisions. “Locating cameras or sensors in the correct points of the store can gives us important information such as: knowing which products interest but are not still been purchased”. By combining theses capacities in the advertising world we can obtain an endless amount of insights that over time will become essential. With this kind of information retailers can improve their commercial strategies and maximise sales in each store.


The “Stores of the Future”

The “store of the future”, a new concept of commercial space more connected, interactive and customized where we can find digital shop shelves, robotic purchase advisers, beacons and all kind of interactive technological elements. “In this kind of stores, customers can have better purchase experiences based on the information collected and analysed in their way through the store”. Given this new situation, omnichannel retailing transforms the point of sale and allows brands to present their products and offers as a suggestion and in an individualised way. Although many of these technologies only exist as prototypes, the challenge of next years is to integrate all of them under one concept of store so that shopper finds them as essential elements in the path to purchase.