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From traditional communication to Digital Signage




In the height of digital era, traditional communication displays have evolved. Digitization is now present in all imaginable formats, and creative and communication possibilities of brands have greatly boost. Achieving an impact on the consumer in a surprising and personalized way had never been so simple.

 This revolution of traditional communication in the point of sale is known as Digital Signage. Thanks to the introduction of different technological solutions (LCD panels, LED, etc.), more and more stores adhere to this transformation of the communication and decorate their spaces with interactive screens and other elements characteristic of Digital Signage.

 Thus, a paper Backlinght (citylight advertising panels) can become a digital display that shows contents that can even interact with the consumer. With the communication displays digitization, shopping malls offer a renewed purchase experience as well as they improve shopper’s perception of the stores.

At in-Store Media we are specialized in the development, management and commercialization of digital displays. To 12.000 screens that we actually manage in 5 countries, we have recently added Live Callao, in El Corte Inglés façade located in Plaza de Callao. It is a screen of 200 square meters, the biggest in Europe, located in the heart of the most important shopping and leisure area of Madrid. The digital screen is continually broadcasting for 18 hours a day and it is expected to have an impact on 23,5 million of consumers per year.