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Benefits from e-commerce advertising personalization


e-commerce advertising personalization

Traditionally, advertising messages were transmitted impersonally in most channels, that is, offering the same content to all the consumers. But each product has its target and today, more than ever, brands have to adjust messages to their target audience.

How to arrive only to the shopper of our interest? By devising personalization strategies of e-commerce advertising, something that is easy to apply in electronic commerce.

Thanks to messages segmentation in e-commerce we get:

  1. A better purchase experience, as the consumer receives outstanding impacts adapted to its interests.
  1. Greater sales conversions and, thus, an increase in the amount of the shopping cart.
  1. An advertising product with a higher value for the advertiser as it has an impact only on its target audience.


The main purpose of e-commerce advertising personalization is to avoid that messages get diluted in all the amount of information that the consumer has to face today. How can we achieve messages segmentation in online marketing? Through two different ways:

– Real time data that we obtain through cookies when we search the Internet.

– Historical data that focus in databases of customers already registered.

Putting it quite simply: have you searched tennis shoes and, at the same time, you have seen some supplementary products highlighted such as sportswear?

Thus, with advertising personalization in ec-ommerce we guide consumer attention towards a particular product that fits his profile. Following omnichannel strategies, companies achieve to increase their sales and at the same time they build customer loyalty and improve their purchase experience in the online world.