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Currently, shoppers use Smartphone every day at all times: they bring it when they go shopping, for a walk, having leisure activities… Beacon technology allows us to make the most of that circumstance to improve shopper experience and its knowledge in the moment of the purchase.

Beacons are hardware devices that interact with shopper mobile through Bluetooth. That technology, applied in the field of consumption is extremely useful in order to locate the user and, depending on its position inside the establishment, send him notifications.

The purpose of using Beacon technology is to obtain information about the behavior of the customer in the point of sale and send him segmented communications to his mobile. That technology allows us to know the metrics of visits to the shops: more visited sections, the time spent by the customer in each section and the path to purchase. It also allows customizing messages sent to the customer depending on its location, customs and behavior. Thus, users receive information or promotions of the products of the establishment while they get close to it.

The shopper has the advantage of being more informed in the moment of the purchase decision, of knowing the benefits of each product and of receiving exclusive promotions.

Segmentation possibilities of these devices allow, thus, creating a new communication channel 1on1 with the customer.

In the next months in-Store will develop a strategy in France focused in fitting mupis with NFC chips, QR codes and Beacon technology.