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5 tips for an effective in-Store digital communication


in-Store digital communication


Communication in the point of sale is for brands, more than ever, a challenge to get visibility, renown, traffic and image to reach in situ the final decision of the consumer. We knew it in paper, canvas, on the floor and in the shop shelves. At present, it is digital and it outstands: numerical advertising screens that appear in the shop shelves, malls, façades and shop windows.

Digital screens in shops offer a wide range of creative and context setting possibilities in order to attract purchasers’ attention, provided that we know how to make good use of this media.


1- A well adapted digital creativity

The creativity has to be adapted as the context is particular. It ‘s about having an impact on the audience that is in movement, in the point of sale and in a purchase context. To keep the attention, it can’t be a 30 seconds TV format, neither a fixed image when we know creative resources of digital advertising. Nevertheless, some brands achieve to adapt their existing paper or TV creativities to the point of sale media, but always respecting the following conditions.

2- Your brand, from the beginning to the end

Brand effectiveness studies prove that in-store communication of a product has a very positive effect on the brand communicated. This is why it is very important for the brand to be present and visible, from the first second of the spot until the end.

3- Highlight the product instead of telling a story

In a purchase context with 10 seconds of broadcasting without sound, the product is the main character. It has to be the main component of the message, instead of introducing a storytelling. In essence, the goal is that the consumer can identify a product to find it in the shop shelves. It is more complicated when we have to advertise a range of products and each one has a reduced share of voice. Then it is better to give preference to the coherence of the group of products, instead of playing with channel hop effects that reduce the visibility of each one.

4- Visible and legible 10 metres away

Bearing in mind that our audience is in movement, the creation has to be visible and legible at a distance of 10 meters. In particular, typography has to be easy to read and we have to play with colours contrast to highlight the subject. Always playing with the visual identity of the brand, we can play with complementary colours relationships. For instance, by choosing three complementary colours or one colour and analogous with its complementary. The beauty of this palette is in the low contrast of adjacent colours highlighted by a bit of opposite colour.