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The new point of sale trends in digital signage

We attended the event ISE 2017, the annual exhibition that shows the latest trends in the audiovisual market and the IT industry, with the purpose of knowing new technologies and contact new suppliers in order to be able to offer the maximum innovation and quality in digital signage. Interactive Media, Retail Analytics and the called “stores …


Benefits from e-commerce advertising personalization

Traditionally, advertising messages were transmitted impersonally in most channels, that is, offering the same content to all the consumers. But each product has its target and today, more than ever, brands have to adjust messages to their target audience. How to arrive only to the shopper of our interest? By devising personalization strategies of e-commerce …


in-Store Media bets on its new ‘in-Store Services’ division

In in-Store Media Group we have decided to bet on the implementation of activation actions on the point of sale with an investment of more than 2 millions euros in our new division in-Store Services. Through different exclusive agreements with the main distribution channels, with in-Store Services we offer brands a distinguishing model in the …


Farmacia San Pablo

Today, after a few months of work, we have finished the installation of San Pablo Farmacia digital channel. It is a very important step for us for three different reasons: Because it is our first digital project in Mexico Because it allows us to broaden our scope, heretofore limited to supermarkets. Because it makes us …



Currently, shoppers use Smartphone every day at all times: they bring it when they go shopping, for a walk, having leisure activities… Beacon technology allows us to make the most of that circumstance to improve shopper experience and its knowledge in the moment of the purchase. Beacons are hardware devices that interact with shopper mobile …


Shopper’s behaviour in the point of sale

In in-Store Media we constantly analyse consumer-buying habits. In order to develop new mediums and communication actions in the point of sale we try to understand different types of information of interest, such as how consumers plan, how and when they decide the brand and the product, how they know the innovation, etc. Below we …


From traditional communication to Digital Signage

  In the height of digital era, traditional communication displays have evolved. Digitization is now present in all imaginable formats, and creative and communication possibilities of brands have greatly boost. Achieving an impact on the consumer in a surprising and personalized way had never been so simple.  This revolution of traditional communication in the point …


Experiental Marketing

In-Store Media, together with professor I. Gallo (IESE Business School) has given an Experiential Marketing session in the AESE Business School in Lisbon. The purpose of the conference has been to explain what Experiential Marketing is, which advantages and possibilities it offers for the brands. The main reasons that make brands to transform their products …


Live Malls arrive to France

Covering 120 leading malls in France, Live Malls has been launched in order to offer brands a communications campaign platform that has been created under the following premise: “Impact More – Impact Better”. “Impact more”: getting the maximum coverage By being present in 120 of the 200 most important malls of the country, we can …


France: our 7th country

In 2013 in-Store Media turned a dream into a reality after working long and hard for it. We have started operating in France! This new reality was formalized when two agreements were signed with two top tier French retail consultants: Immochan (Auchan Group) and Mercialys (Casino Group). France is the 7th international advertising market in …


Eye-Cam study: How do communication campaigns at the point of sale make an impact?

ISM has published the results of an innovative study carried out by TNS Global. The study analyzed purchaser behavior at the point of sale. To do this they used a new methodology called “Eyecam” that measures the field of view of a shopper while they are purchasing through special glasses that are fitted with a …